Friday, November 2, 2012

As promised, I'm posting a mini-excerpt from my upcoming paranormal romance novella, Second Chances. I hope you love Ryan and Rose as much as I do.

Excerpt from "Second Chances"

Rose walked around the dining room, putting the final touches on the table. Flowers and candles, even a bottle of white wine. Long stem crystal glasses next to the good china. Dinner was ready. She'd stopped at Ryan's favorite Italian place on the way home, picked up all the foods he loved. Though she was no slouch in the kitchen, the horrendous hours she had put in all week left little time or energy for cooking. And besides, she wanted everything to be extra special tonight.

Soft music played in the background, the strains of the classical piano concerto wafted from the speakers. Soothing and romantic music setting the stage for the evening to come. The lights were dimmed and tall taper candles cast a warm glow across the dining room. Perfect. She'd done her best to set up a long-needed romantic evening with her husband.

Something was bothering him, kept him on edge for the past few months. She hadn't pressed. He'd tell her whatever it was when the time was right. Still she worried. Is he unhappy? Am I not enough anymore? The insidious doubts niggled at the back of her mind, managed despite her best efforts to creep into her head each day. She tried to ignore them, push them away, but the fear still managed to insinuate itself into her thoughts.

I can't lose him. He's my life. I'll do whatever it takes, fight whoever I have to fight. I'm not giving up on Ryan. On us.

I'll be posting the brand now (gorgeous) cover for Second Chances next week, so come back for the big reveal.


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