Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pantser versus Plotter, which am I?

Well, I've been finishing up the character profiles for my WIP, a paranormal (werewolf) story and trying to get down to some serious writing. First chapter is done, and I'll be starting on chapter 2 today, after the day job and once I've gone and worked out at my local Curves.

I've done a mini-outline so that I know where I'm at least beginning the story. I don't always write up an outline/synopsis of any sort when I'm writing, but for some reason this story just seemed to need it, so that's what I've done.

I'm not a "pantser" or a "plotter" per se. I'm basically a hybrid of the 2. I'll get the idea for a story, that kernel where the spark or inspiration comes from. I'll try to get that written down quickly, because if I don't, it will sometimes go out into the ether, never to be seen again. Then I'll try to do some character development, getting to know the heroine, the hero, and the villain. Then its a lot of seat-of-the-pants writing, hoping that the story will flow.

Whenever it doesn't, or I hit a roadblock, that's when I'll start outlining pertinent areas. The things I want to happen or the locations I know will be in the book. Sometimes this will be enough to break the logjam and get things rolling again. Other times, my procrastination gene kicks in, and I'll let things sit for weeks at a time without every sitting down to the computer (or even picking up pen and paper). That's when it's really hard to get back into the flow, at least for me.

I find that if I write on a fairly consistent basis (or try to), the story seems to appear on the page much easier. If I take long breaks in between, it's much more difficult to get the rhythm back that was there in the beginning.

As I stated in earlier posts, I plan to be much more proactive with my writing this year, so plan on seeing blogs at least once or twice a week, and well as updates on my website.

If there's anything about my writing, how I do things, or any other topics you'd like to see here, drop me a line in the comments or e-mail me and I'll try to get to those.

That's it for now. Happy writing, everybody!!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Changes and procrastination

Well, it's finally warmer outside. The ice has thawed, but now they are predicting rain. Winter just gets blah, blah in January.

Writing has been a little slow, but I'm progressing bit-by-bit. I'm working on my outline/synopsis for my werewolf story as well as finishing up chapter 1. Trying to start things off with a bang, and keep the momentum rushing forward.

I tend to be the queen of procrastination, and getting my huge backside into the chair seems to be the biggest obstacle. Once there, my muse can take hold and fly, but I can always come up with something that needs to be done first. Dishes, laundry, floors, changing the sheets, all those pesky things that can be put off until I'm done . . . nope, "I'll just think about the plot as I'm washing the dishes." That's all well and good, but once they're finished, do I sit down and start? Heck, no.

I'm thinking about the story (or stories) all the time, taking down copious notes on things to add, delete, etc. But actually getting my fanny in the seat takes willpower and determination, which recently I seem to be lacking, at least as far as my writing goes.

On a side note, for those new to me, I've been changing my lifestyle and eating habits for the last 18 months, trying to loose a LOT of weight. As of this morning, I've lost 127 lbs in that 18 months. This feels TREMENDOUS. I'm happier, definitely healthier, and my family and friends are thrilled with the changes that I've made.

So, the question that I pose is this? If I can be so focused and determined to stick to a healthier eating plan and lifestyle, why can't I stick my backside into a chair and do the thing that I love doing (writing)?

Till next time,


Thursday, January 7, 2010


BRRR!!! With the temperature in the lower 20s this morning and ice on the roads, I really have to say I LOVE working at home. Mornings like this make me very happy that I have a job (other than my writing) where I can do everything from home.

On the writing front, as I said in my last post, I have several manuscripts in various stages of completion, although none of them as far along as I would like. I tend to become scatterbrained about sticking to one genre when I'm writing. I love to read in all genres, and my muse wants to write in all of them.

Hopefully over the course of this coming year, I'll outline on this blog my progress with the works in progress, as well as other writing news, writing tips, and things of interest to fellow readers and writers.

I hope you'll come back and visit often. I'd love hearing from you, so feel free to leave comments.

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today will be the first writing of my new blog. Welcome to all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you've set goals for the New Year.

My New Year's goals center around my writing.
1. Resolve to finish one of the many unfinished manuscripts that are in various stages of completion.
2. Send out said finished manuscript to agents and editors this year.
3. Enter at least 3 contests this year (I didn't enter a single one all of last year.)
4. Update and maintain my website (

I'm hoping to post tidbits about my writing as I get adjusted to writing a blog. So, please bear with me as I'm new to this, but trying hard not to be such a procrastinator this year.

So, till next time, hoping you have wonderful and prosperous new year (with writing contracts for us all.)