Friday, May 1, 2015


I can't believe that I forgot to post my new covers on my own blog.  How crazy messed up is that?  

My new series will be releasing in May 2015.  It's contemporary romance (not my usual romantic suspense) and I'll be putting out four books at once.  I know, I'm crazy, but what can I say--I love this new series.  

The series is about four women who went to college together and after they graduated they all kept in touch and would get together a couple of times a year to catch up on all the things going on in each of their lives.  This time, they happen to end up in Las Vegas.  After a little too much champagne, they start talking about the men in their pasts, the "one that got away."  

They each decide to indulge in a bet -- they have to get in touch with the one man in their past that got away and see if there's still a spark burning or if there's no hope.  There's a different book for each of the women.  

Here are the covers for each book.

Book #1:  

Book #2:  

Book #3:

Book #4:  

I'll keep you posted with the exact release date when it's available.

Until then, make sure and check out my backlist at all the major retailers.  Book #1 in the New Orleans Connection Series, Connor's Gamble, is currently FREE at all sites.

Happy reading!


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