Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I got some exciting news today from my publisher, Carina Press.

Desperate Choices, my romantic suspense with paranormal elements, is being released as an audiobook. Audible.com will be recording and releasing it. The tentative release date is 11/12/2010 (this is the scheduled date, but may not be the actual date--I'll post more information as I get it.)

This was a complete surprise to me. I hadn't heard that Desperate Choices was one of the books picked by Audible.com. I knew of several others with Carina that had been, because they had received e-mails notifying them--but I didn't get anything, so I just assumed that it wasn't on the list.

Picture my surprise when I opened an e-mail earlier today and saw Desperate Choices right there, listed with the other titles to be released in November. WooHoo!!!

So for all those readers who don't always have the time to "read" the book, they can listen to it instead. How exciting is that?!?

Okay, off to work on "Family Ties" my work-in-progress.


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