Monday, August 12, 2013

Special Sneak Preview from Losing Cassie

Since it's been such a long time with no word from me, and I did the cover reveal yesterday, i thought I'd give you another little treat. Here's a sneak preview from Losing Cassie (coming soon in e-book and print). This is a scene between Cassie and her fried/bodyguard, Brad.

Welcome to Destiny's Desire Lodge, where The Fates can manipulate the threads of life at their whim and the Fate-Keeper battles to unite the predestined souls of true love.

Firefighter Jake Stone lost the love of his life when his high school sweetheart disappeared. The arrival of a mysterious letter promising answers draws Jake to Destiny's Desire.

Cassie Daniels has been running for seven long years. At Destiny's Desire she might finally have a chance for a happy future, if she can face the evil from her past.

When Fate and Destiny Collide . . . Can Love Survive?


"I really wish things could have been different between us." Brad's serious tone and direct gaze had her exhaling softly, meeting his serious gaze.

"You know I love you like a brother, Brad, but anything else isn't in the cards for us."

"You've lived on an emotional roller-coaster for a long time. I hoped . . ."

Regret tugged at Cassandra's heart. All hell had exploded around her the day after her senior prom. Three o'clock in the morning her boyfriend had dropped her off, stealing a final kiss under the moonlight. She'd watched him drive away, the taillights of his old junker braking at the stop sign on the corner before turning out of sight. Everything had been so perfect. Who knew the next day everything would change and she'd never see him again?

"You're my best friend, Brad, and I love you to death. I'm just not in love with you. If things were different . . ."

Brad reached across the table, clasping her hand in his, his fingers squeezing tight. His thumb brushed across her knuckles in a soft, soothing motion, before he raised her hand, pressing a warm kiss onto it.

"Even after all these years, he still owns your heart, doesn't he?" His softly voiced question wasn't really a question at all, more a statement of fact. Cassandra nodded.

"Wasn't in the cards for us. But I did get a kick-ass soccer buddy out of the deal."

She smiled at Brad's joke, her heart breaking a little inside. Why couldn't she have loved him? Tall, insanely gorgeous, sexy as hell and the nicest man she'd ever known. Damn fate, anyway, leaving her heartbroken, mourning for a lover she could never have.

"How long do you think we'll be here? Has there been any movement?"

"Nothing yet, but my sources are solid. He's looking for you again. Clayton wanted you in a sanctioned safe house. He sent a team for you and your mom." He laughed. "I just beat 'em to the punch and got you first."

I'll post more as the release date approaches. :-)


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