Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was very fortunate. My lovely sister gave me gift cards for my birthday, so I could load up my Kindle Fire. Wasn't that sweet of her? Anyway, I ordered a few books I'd wanted to buy, from authors I know and have read in the past, which is always fun. But I want to try something or somebody different. So, in the spirit of finding new authors, I'm going to open up today's blog for your suggestions and recommendations.

If you are a reader, I want your inside scoop. Who are you currently reading? Is it a print book or are you into E-books?

If you are an author, you can list information about one (and unfortunately only 1) of your releases. We have to keep the space limited—if you post more than one book the additional ones will be deleted. To keep everything consistent and to keep my head from exploding from too much information, please follow the format below. (Hint: I'll list mine here, so you get an idea of what I'm talking about.)

TITLE: Desperate Choices
AUTHOR: Kathy Ivan
PUBLISHER: Carina Press
GENRE: Romantic suspense with paranormal elements
FORMAT: E-Book only
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Carina Press website, and wherever E-books are sold.

BLURB: When psychic Theresa Crawford's former beau walks into her New Orleans New Age shop, she senses trouble. Big trouble. Max Lamoreaux hasn't come to discuss their relationship--the private investigator is on a case, and he needs Theresa's help. Max's godson is missing. The police have declared Tommy a runaway, but Max's gut tells him otherwise. While he's highly skeptical of Theresa's abilities, her visions provide the only clue as to who's taken Tommy. The longer Max works with Theresa, the harder it is to resist his desire for the sexy woman. As they inch closer to finding Tommy, Max and Theresa also discover that time hasn't diminished their powerful attraction. But Theresa harbors her own dark secrets from her past. Secrets that broke them up before--and could drive them apart again, unless Theresa can learn to trust Max with everything...

Just a reminder: As this is an open blog, please keep your blurb short and definitely PG-rated (the kiddies might be looking over your shoulder—you never know).

As stated, if you are a published author, please feel free to list one (1) book with your information—hey, it's free publicity.

If you're a reader, feel free to give me recommendations galore. I'm always on the lookout for new authors and new genres to explore. I have a huge love affair with reading, and I intend to gorge myself on a smorgasbord of new books for my Kindle.

Now if I could just finish my next work in progress . . .

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